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Public Sector

IBM Planning Analytics enables providers to have the capability of an integrated system that closely manages the cost to staff to deliver quality services while monitoring the efficient use of available supplies and capacity.

Analysis of these drivers can produce valuable insights into what trends can be addressed and which should be replicated around the network.

Example of public sector organisations Budgeting Solutions have worked with: Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council, Nottinghamshire County Council

Example of how a Council based in England benefited:
  • Decreasing time spent on “what-if” scenario modelling from 2 weeks to seconds allowing C-suite managers to make better informed decisions within the council. 
  • Giving managers the ability to create customised reports based on their area of need rather than having to use one generic report. 
  • Implementation helped to highlight errors both in spreadsheet formula and data. 
  • The quality assurance process is now automated further freeing up time within the accountancy function of the business.
Our expertise in the public sector

Download the budgeting strategy white paper for councils.

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

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