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Separating out the wheat from the chaff can be challenging and sometimes the right facts are hard to find.  Our blogs contain a wealth of information gathered from many years of experience by our consultants dealing with everyday issues in projects on client sites.

They may provide clear insight on particular problems or act as a launching pad to clarify your thoughts on issues with how to deliver robust performance management solutions.

What is Business Intelligence?

User AvatarPosted by James Salmon at 28/2/2018 11:00:44 AM
content type Cognos BI

I am often asked what is Business Intelligence and what can Business Intelligence do for my organisation? Well I have found a video that explains exactly that and it is only 2 minutes long! 

Take a look and if you are interested to find out what is IBM's solution to Business Intelligence follow this link: http://www.budgetingsolutions.co.uk/products/ibm-cognos-solutions/ibm-cognos-analytics/

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