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IBM Cognos Disclosure Management

CDM (Cognos Disclosure Management) is a unique solution that supports the difficult “last mile” of report production. It automates the process of creating internal and external financial reports, as well as enabling to you to meet the iXBRL mandates from HMRC and Companies House.

Report production is far faster and easier with Cognos Disclosure Management. It allows many contributors to participate in the creation of external documents  and eliminates the time wasted in cross checking the reports manually. Draft annual reports, draft accounts, preliminary results announcements and RNS submissions can all be linked together in the knowledge that the content will be consistent.

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Product Highlights


  • Links all data in the final report directly back to a single source, ensuring there is no conflicting information anywhere in the report. Changes to any text or data will automatically refresh any other report that shares the same information.


  • Data can be pulled in from a wide variety of sources, including the leading ERP systems, the leading financial consolidation applications, relational databases, OLAP databases and MS-Excel.


  • A workflow process within Cognos Disclosure Management tracks the status of each section of the document, with due dates and responsibility assignments. The administrator can easily see the status of each section of the document.


  • There is also a comprehensive audit trail, which tracks each change to the document, and tells you who changed it, and when.


  • When publishing your reports it supports a wide range of options, including XBRL, iXBRL, MS-Word, Adobe PDF, Adobe in Design and RNS Submit.

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Visibility and accountability

Provide visibility and accountability in critical reports for management and business leaders in a variety of formats, including Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft word and Adobe PDF.

What is iXBRL?

As of 1st April 2011 it will be mandatory for companies to file their accounts and tax returns electronically using XBRL. This is a web based language written specifically for business reporting, and works by tagging data rather than by processing the information as text. It can be then processed intelligently for review and analysis. Inline XRBL (iXBRL) enables fragments of your report to be read both manually and electronically.

XRBL is becoming a requirement for financial reporting all over the world. Cognos Disclosure Management includes powerful in-built XRBL functionality. It can easily tag financial data and commentary and have it automatically flow to future reports.

CDM Fact Sheet
Read the IBM Cognos Disclosure Management fact sheet above

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