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Global enterprises as well as national or regional manufacturers can benefit dramatically by implementing a strategic approach to performance management. Regardless of industry, IBM Planning Analytics offers faster, more agile ways for manufacturers to increase revenues while containing costs.

Example of manufacturers Budgeting Solutions have worked with: Institute of Engineering & Technology, Pace Plc & Brand-Rex

Manufacturers can leverage IBM Planning Analytics to provide value that was simply impossible before

Use IBM Planning Analytics to align the strategic objectives of the company to the operational plan through the financial plan in an integrated solution. Further, clients can optimise the efficient use of precious capital that can often be trapped in excess inventories by poorly planned production schedules, inadequately understood or infrequently updated demand plans or other bottlenecks in the fulfilment process.

The ability to properly predict and prepare for customer demand, optimise the production process, and manage inventory levels to free capital to redeploy in more strategic ways can deliver significant benefits to the bottom line.

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Read how Budgeting Solutions implemented IBM Cognos at The Institute of Engineering & Technology and how IBM Cognos has transformed their budgeting forecasting and reporting process.

The Institution of Engineering and Technology

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