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What happened to Adaytum?

In January 2003 Adaytum was acquired by Cognos, a leading Business Intelligence vendor.

Since the acquisition of Adaytum Planning, renamed Cognos Planning, the product has been developed and integrated into the Cognos range of products.

The main functional developments include much stronger integration between Analyst and Contributor, the ability to link Contributor models and Contributor automation.

Cognos was acquired by IBM in 2007 and development continued.  Around the same time IBM released a Performance Management solution roadmap stating the intention to combine the best of Applix TM1 functionality with that of Cognos Planning which has now been successfully achieved

Adaytum Versions and the subsequent developments by IBM and Cognos

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IBM Cognos Planning 10.1

This is the most recent version of Cognos Planning.  Supports Windows 7, 8 and Excel 2003, 2007, 2010

Cognos Planning 8.4

This release saw the introduction of a new richer Contributor grid along with improvements to the platform services.  Supports Windows XP and Excel 2003, 2007. This version is longer actively supported by IBM

Cognos Planning 8.2 / 8.3

Further integration with Cognos 8 BI now requires web services for authentication. Submission rules within Contributor grids are introduced, the ability to attach documents and the intergration with the data modelling component Framework manager for better connection to external data sources

Cognos Planning 8.1

Latest release incorporating Contributor Data Server - previously an additional component to work alongside v7.3 for ease of publishing

Cognos Planning 7.3

This release was the first release to require the use of Access Manager to log on to Cognos Planning.  Significant product enhancements included the ability to link contributor models

Cognos Planning 7.2

This release introduced the possibility of using Cognos Access Manager software to log on to the Planning products

Cognos Planning 7.1

This was the initial rebranding by Cognos of Adaytum

Adaytum Planning 3.0

This was the last release before the acquisition by Cognos

Adaytum Planning 2.4

Both Analyst and Contributor were contained in this release

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We have been around since the early days of Adaytum and are now the only IBM Business Partner with direct experience from Adaytum through to the present day in Cognos Planning.  

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We have extensive experience of TM1, of Cognos Business Intelligence integration with TM1 and Cognos Planning

We have significant experience in migrating customer models from Cognos Planning to TM1 and have specific approaches to quickly cross train your team.

Rather than throw the baby out with the bath water, we advise on how best to achieve a migration that doesn't necessarily mean start again.

Cognos Planning users like to be self sufficient, with the right approach this can be achieved with TM1 too

Would you like to upgrade your Adaytum model to the latest available version.  Call for advice

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