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Upgrading from older versions of Adaytum

Versions of Adaytum up to and including 2.4 used a license key to determine the number of users purchased.  This contained an expiry date which if exceeded prevents the application from working.  Customers with a valid maintenance key will be able to upgrade to a later version free of charge but those customers without will need to repurchase the relevant licenses.  IBM Cognos will make available special purchase terms for customers in this situation.


The latest version is IBM Cognos 8.4 which has a single installation platform for all Cognos products.  Using this version requires web services for authentication and a relational content store to hold user information. 


For customers with Analyst / Manager only applications IBM Cognos 8.1 is supported until March 2011 and this version does not require web services for authentication or a content store and represents a simpler upgrade option.


At version 7.1 the Excel add-in was significantly enhanced.  To continue to use Excel reports from previous versions it is necessary to first upgrade to Cognos 7.1, open and refresh all Excel reports, then upgrade to the most recent version


Cognos Planning 7.3 onwards requires the use of a separate authentication component called Access Manager which needs to run as a server process to log people on instead of the mechanism used in previous versions.


From version 8.2 onwards authentication is performed through external company systems such as Active Directory though Access Manager can be retained if required.

Please call us for further information or clarification on the different upgrade options available.


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The following links allow you to download the appropriate technical specifications which may exist in any evalution