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IBM Planning Analytics for IFRS 16 Lease Accounting helps you transition to the new leasing regulations and get compliant quickly. IBM Planning Analytics for Lease Accounting provides an automated solution that allows you to easily manage the large volumes of leasing data by providing data collection, calculations, reporting and disclosures according to the new regulations. 

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IBM Planning Analytics for IFRS 16 Highlights Include:

  • Manages the complete lease accounting, workflow, from contact creation to expiration
  • Includes rules to calculate right-of-use assets and lease liabilities, including future payments, interest and depreciation
  • Features built-in IFRS 16 Qualifier
  • Integrates IFRS 16 into ERP and the close, consolidate, and report process
  • Provides flexible modelling, planning, reporting and analysis for all contract types
  • Deployable on cloud or on-premise


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IFRS Lease Accounting