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Product Solutions for Performance Management

Market Leading Performance Management Solutions

There are many budgeting, forecasting and reporting products in the market place all with very similar marketing messages and claims to be marketing leading.  Each product has its strengths and weaknesses and the most appropriate choice will be dependent on your specific requirements. 

The IBM Cognos solution is built on a single integrated platform that enables you to start with a specific application for planning, consolidation or reporting to meet your immediate needs and then extend its capabilities across the organisation as your requirements change and develop.

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Out of the box solution

Budgeting Solutions FastStart is an out of the box solution powered by IBM Planning Analytics with pre-configured connectors to most ERP solutions and a data model that reflects how organisations plan, analyse and report. 

Consolidation in the Industry

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Product Suite or Point Solution

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Performance Management

Is it reporting, budgeting, forecasting, analysis or consolidation?  See how different requirements and applications fit into a framework that has become known as Performance Management or Business Analytics.

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