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Balance Sheet & Cash Flow App 

Balance Sheet & Cash Flow App built in IBM Planning Analytics. 

Understanding and creating short, medium and long-term balance sheet and cash flow projections are crucial in identifying whether the organisation will have the resources to execute their business plan. 

The app uses an accelerated implementation methodology that means the app can be deployed rapidly with minimum setup. 

We bring big data techniques to financial management processes to automate, streamline, enhance and digitise legacy financial processes. We work with the end user to assess their needs, providing consultancy and implementation services to configure the relevant model dimensionality and granularity. 

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Balance Sheet & Cash Flow App Offering

For Existing Customers

  • Template available free of chart – 2 or 3 days configuration recommended


For new Customers with PA / TM1 environments

  • As for existing Customers plus an additional 1 or 2 days to install


For new Customers without PA or TM1

  • Available through IBM’s digital offering for £4,000 for six months then £100 per month per user


Budgeting Solutions FastStart Workspace

With guided data exploration, predictive analytics and automated visualisations, Budgeting Solutions FastStart helps you formulate and evaluate plans.