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FAP - Financial Analytics Publisher

For versions of  IBM Cognos Controller from version 8.5 onwards, the application now includes the Financial Analytics Publisher.  This uses the IBM Cognos TM1 capability to deliver an integrated analytic and reporting environment using in memory cube technology.

An automated process extracts specified data from the Cognos Controller relational database and generates the appropriate TM1 cubes using an incremental update.

Excel or Cognos Business Intelligence can then be used to create and distribute reports across the organisation. Compared to using Excel reports with GetVal formulae significant performance improvements can be achieved.

Additionally Excel reports can easily be created using simple drag and drop, slice and dice functionality makes for ease of analysis, as does navigating dimensions such as account and company by using drill up and down.

The base FAP implementation provides a single TM1 cube that allows for all implementations across all customers.  As a consequence a number of additional cubes can be required based on the default cube to provide a more focused output based on the specific customer implementation.

Contact us if you would like to set up workshop event to explore the capabilities of FAP and how it can extend and improve your reporting capability.


The schematic illustrates how the FAP process for reporting works in conjunction with existing Controller functionality.  The in-built reports are still an essential part of completing a period close.  The FAP cube is then used for creating management reports through either Excel or Cognos Business Intelligence


CPM processes diagram

Financial Consolidation is one part in the broader corporate or business performance management process. 

With the integration of Cognos TM1 into Cognos Controller through the FAP process, it becomes very easy to deploy a seamless solution across an organisation

- by extending functionality into budgeting and forecasting or automated statutory Financial Statement Reporting.