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Cognos Express Performance Management

IBM® Cognos® Express Performance Management User helps midsize organizations gain deeper insights into business performance and react more quickly to changing business conditions. It combines Microsoft Excel® based business analysis and optimization with intuitive tools for planning, budgeting and forecasting, providing businesses with an alternative to manual spreadsheet and planning processes.

For many midsize companies, Excel functionality is a trusted working foundation. The spreadsheet however poses a range of limitations: it doesn’t allow for multi-dimensional analysis or big data utilisation. Express Performance Management has been specifically developed with Excel in mind; it extends and transforms the familiar spreadsheet methodologies for real-time business analytics and optimisation. Express Performance Management understands the Excel user and the processes with which they are most familiar
Express Xcelerator
Cognos Express Xcelerator gives the familiar Excel interface that many users feel comfortable with the underlying power and flexibility of the TM1 analytic server.

Cognos Express Planner
Cognos Express Planner gives you the capability of managed applications using structured templates and inbuilt workflow.