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The impact of the VAT Change on Cognos Planning models

Does your Cognos Planning or Adaytum application use the VAT rate in its calculations? If it does there may be a reasonable chance that the VAT rate may have been set up inflexibly as this is the first change in fifteen years.

A well designed application will have in-built functionality to allow the VAT rate to be changed easily as a model parameter but not everyone has built their Cognos Planning or Adaytum applications in this way.


Making the VAT rate a parameter when change was unlikely could mean that some model builders simply haven’t gone to the effort of adding this functionality completely. 


Items to check include:


-          How many d-lists use VAT in their calculations

-          Is the VAT rate being applied against a weekly, monthly or annual timescale?

-          Does the 1st December sit part way through a period

-          Would the addition of new VAT items considerably increase model size.

-          Will there be an impact on Contributor, access tables or saved selections


How to search for impacts

Using the library functionality within Analyst you can select all d-lists and then print these to a csv file with all of the options unchecked except Calculations.  This document can then be searched for all references to d-list items containing text or numeric’s such as Vat or .175 etc.  Once you have identified potential impacts these can then be further analysed within the model using drill down and objects used by information.


VAT change model impact assessment


All our consultants have worked with Cognos Planning for many years and are adept at understanding model design and the impact of changes.


We are offering a one day impact assessment that will


-          Analyse model calculations for the impact of the VAT change

-          Assess the impact of change on cube sizes

-          Determine the impact on Contributor models

-          Outline a set of tasks required to alleviate any issues.


For further information please email support@budgetingsolutions.co.uk or call


01270 879 888 and ask for information on the VAT change impact assessment.