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Useful Links

There are a number of organisations that promote alternatives to the annual budget process, act as discussion forums for Finance professionals and debate the merits of issues such as Fast Close principles.

Please find below links to some of these organisations and independent commentators

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Beyond Budgeting

The Beyond Budgeting Round Table is a research organisation that looks at what could take the place of a traditional budgeting process and is perhaps a precursor to some of the ideas of corporate or business performance management


The BPM Standards Group

The BPM Standards Group represents all the major categories in the BPM industry - application vendors, tools vendors, implementation consultants, IT/data warehousing experts, industry analysts, management consultants and system integrators. The customer/user perspective is represented through an affiliation with the members of the BPM Forum, a business oriented thought leadership group of senior level practitioners in operations, finance and information technology. BPM Forum members will be invited to test and validate the BPM Standards Group concepts


The Olap Report

This website contains a wealth of information on OLAP products, vendor backgrounds and market share, with recent industry news. There is plenty of free material but the in depth analyses require a subscription.


The CFO Project

The CFO project is a sponsored organisation that provides vendor based material and research on issues that drive the finance function, helping to give insight to finance professionals.


Financial Systems News

A leading website for with business systems news for Finance and IT professionals