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White Papers

Here are a selection of white papers from vendors and industry analysts.

The articles are a mix of best practice and illustrations of how performance management solutions deliver business benefits such as increased automation of tasks and improved visibility and insight into company performance.

7 reasons to choose Cognos 

This white paper highlights some key aspects to the solution and why you will want to consider the solution in a selection process

The CFO mission to uncover the unknown

Why CFOs should care about advanced analytics and cognitive computing

The Customer-activated Enterprise

Ten years, 17 studies and 23,000 face-to-face executive interviews have given IBM rich insights into how private and public sector leaders think - "The Customer-activated Enterprise" is our first simultaneous study of the entire C-suite.

The IBM Cognos Family

A review of the IBM Cognos Family.

Spreadsheet Planning - Rough road ahead

On the perils of using spreadsheets for planning. 

Guide to Selecting a Planning System

How to link best practice budgeting and forecasting to the appropriate product selection.

The Full Promise of Business Intelligence

A vendor article on what is required to deliver on all of the requirements of BI.

Making Performance Everyone's Business

An article outlining how everyone across an organisation impacts performance.

Driving Performance with Enterprise Planning

An article illustrating how effective planning can help drive company performance

Social Media Analytics

IBM's take on social media and how analytic's will make customer insights more actionable.

Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting: Software Selection Guide

This paper addresses the challenges of planning, budgeting and forecasting in a spreadsheet environment and highlights the advantages of using a software solution designed specifically for dynamic planning. The business challenges and drivers are discussed, including organisational and technological best practices to follow. A planning software selection matrix is included to assist decision makers in selecting the most appropriate planning for their specific business processes and needs.