Want to plan 80% faster? According to Forrester, IBM can help

Forrester, a leading IT analyst firm, has constructed a Total Economic Impact (TEI) framework with a focus on how IBM Planning Analytics compares to the competition across a variety of metrics—from ROI, to time, to value—and much more. They consulted several current IBM Planning Analytics customers to determine the value and cost associated with purchasing, using and implementing the solution.

Findings at-a-glance

Forrester determined that IBM Planning Analytics delivered savings of up to 63 percent when completing annual budget cycles. It also provided 80 percent faster planning processes and 20 percent time savings in completing forecasts. And that’s just scratching the surface.

What do these numbers mean? Imagine the time you and your team could save by not endlessly performing repetitive tasks. Time savings and more satisfied workers lead to a business environment where your team can be energised to tackle higher-level, higher-impact work that better benefits the organisation as a whole.

This infographic will give you a high-level overview of the findings (click for larger image). Clearly, IBM Planning Analytics cranks out benefit after benefit.

Methodology matters

Forrester conducted the study with four well-established IBM Planning Analytics customers—one each from the financial services, utilities, hospitality and retail sectors. They then gathered that data and created a composite company to calculate their findings.

The composite company is in the retail sector and has more than 35 stores. This is a typical representation of an IBM Planning Analytics customer, and Forrester extrapolated their calculations with a scrupulously accurate picture of how customers actually use IBM Planning Analytics.

See for yourself

The infographic above provides an overview of the findings in the Forrester TEI. Download the full paper to get a complete and detailed analysis. See what IBM Planning Analytics can do for your organisation today.