Moving TM1 To Cloud

Moving TM1 to the Cloud gives you a number of options to consider….

Move directly to the IBM hosted cloud, put TM1 in your own cloud (the hybrid approach) and also re-access your licences. Moving to Cloud gives you the chance to re-evaluate your estate as well as exploring different licence options such as the TM1 Advanced Licence which enables to have unlimited environments and unlimited server capacity.

In addition, use this webinar to learn more about Planning Analytics and the new AI, predicative feature, which firmly places TM1, Planning Analytics as one of the leading xP&A solutions on the market.

Gartner recently identified Extended Planning and Analysis (xP&A), as an emerging trend. While the term is new, the concept is not. Simply put, the ‘x’ represents an extension of FP&A principles beyond finance and into other areas of the business, such as supply chain, marketing, workforce, sales, and IT. xP&A is the future of enterprise planning – capable of transforming both financial and operational planning and improving your bottom line by integrating data, plans, forecasts and business units on a single planning platform.


10th June 2022


11:00am - 11:45am


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