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Industry Analysts

A number of organisations conduct research into various aspects of the software industry of which Performance Management software is one aspect.

Most of this organisations require membership or a subscription but there is often some useful free information to give some context on their perspectives

Gartner Image

Gartner is the most well known of the analysts and coined the term Magic Quadrant. This type of analysis is now used in a number of variants. 

Aberdeen Group

A technology research group for software solutions, providing some free information, research services and management perspectives

AMR Research

An independent company of experts, researches the intersection of business processes with technology. 

Butler Group

The need for IT and Business professionals to have access to a source of trusted and independent information technology research, analysis, and advice has never been greater. Butler Group's CIO Knowledge Centre is the industry-leading solution that provides organisations with the insight needed to formulate and deliver effective IT strategies

Gartner Group

Gartner Group is one of the more well known organisations offering advice and research.  It produces the Magic Quadrants which classify vendors into differing categories according to their breadth of product capability and ability to deliver solutions.

Hurwitz Group

Hurwitz & Associates is a research and consulting firm that provides objective and pragmatic guidance to buyers and sellers of information technologies in the US and Europe. Using a cross-disciplinary, research-based, best-practices approach, our top-tier industry analysts combine hands-on business experience with technology depth to identify and articulate what technology customers want and need