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Industry Overview

This is a rapidly changing marketplace but there are clear trends.  The ERP giants such as Oracle and SAP have their integrated offerings as do lesser ERP players.

The best of breed CPM and BPM solutions have consolidated around a few large companies such as Business Objects -part of SAP, Cognos  - owned by IBM and Hyperion - now acquired by Oracle - with a number of niche players chasing their heels with increasingly developed solutions.

With the development of cloud architectures, there is a new breed of companies with cloud only solutions and the established players moving rapidly to make their solutions work on cloud too.

The type of solution you require will depend on company size, structure and culture. 

  • Distributed web application

  • Centralised finance process

  • A desire to eliminate Excel

  • The need to use Excel


The needs of a large multi-national group will differ significantly from a UK based retailer or manufacturer. 

Budgeting and forecasting could simply be an aggregation of P&L's from different divisions or a driver based plan owned by individual budget holders.   As a result not all solutions are suitable for every organisation. Our Management Consulting services can assist you in this evaluation.

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