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Vendor Listing

These are the main vendors providing budgeting, forecasting and reporting software either as part of an integrated suite or as a series of dedicated applications.

There are probably 5 or 6 top vendors in this list and many others not listed due to their niche status or size. 

One of the independent assessments of these Vendors can be found in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Corporate Performance Management.


The latest Gartner Magic Quadrants for Business Intelligence and Peformance Management can be found at the bottom of the following page

IBM link to Gatner Quadrants





Adaytum - Leading budgeting and forecasting application acquired by Cognos

Armstrong-Laing - Activity Based Costing and Predictive Planning applications now acquired by Business Objects

Applix TM1 - a BPM tools vendor based on its own OLAP engine with strong Excel focus, acquired by Cognos and now called IBM Cognos TM1

Business Objects - Acquired SRC and ALG to add financial analytic capabilites to its Business Intelligence offerings.  It bought Cartesis and was then itself bought by SAP

Cartesis - High End Consolidation Vendor that acquired INEA to develop its Budgeting and Forecasting capability now owned by Business Objects

Clarity Systems - Purchased by IBM for its moe recent application Financial Statement Reporting.  Previously a US based consultancy with a Performance Management suite based on Hyperion Essbass, now in Europe and running on Microsoft SQL Server / Analysis Services

Coda - This ERP vendor has added Performance Management and BI to its core offering.

Cognos - one of the first BI vendors to acquire best of breed applications for Performance Management.  The former Adaytum and Frango products round out its Performance Management Suite with TM1 providing high volume multi-diensional analysis and reported.  Now owned by IBM

Comshare - Performance Management application acquired by Geav, in turn acquired by Infor

Corvu - Originally a Balanced Scorecard vendor, they now have a Performance Management suite

Frango - Leading consolidation application acquired by Cognos

FRx Software - A Microsoft subsidiary offering Financial Reporting and Budgeting and Forecasting applications

Hyperion - Performance Management suite of applications acquired by Oracle

INEA - Budgeting and forecasting applications now acquired by Cartesis

IBM - With its information management focus and the acquisition of Cognos, IBM can truly claim to be the largest independent provider of performance management solutions in all their guises.

Infor - A more recent organisation that has acquired many Tier 2 ERP vendors but through the Geac purchase aquired Comshare, nown called Extensity MPC - an integrated Performance Management application 

Longview Solutions - A Canadian organisation with an integrated Performance Management application acquired by Exact Software

Microsoft PerformancePoint - Microsoft's first venture into the Performance Management space with an integrated application for budgeting, forecasting, reporting and analysis. Definitely a version one product requiring much configuration.

MIS Alea - Budgeting, forecasting and reporting applications acquired by Systems Union, in turn acquired by Infor

Oracle - ERP vendor with its own Performance Management applications has now acquired Hyperion -  itself a leader in the Performance Management with a suite of applications inclusing the former Business Intelligence company Brio

Outlooksoft - an integrated Performance Management application formed by ex Hyperion employees based on a Microsoft platform now owned by SAP

Prophix - A US based supplier of a Performance Management suite based on MS SQL now expanding into Europe

SAP - ERP vendor with its own application suite for Performance Management and host of acquired products.  It first acquired Outlooksoft to shote up its budgeting and forecasting then Business Oblects for reporting and analysis

SAS - Privately owned company strong in Business Intelligence and data analysis that also has a Performance Management application suite