Benefits of IBM Planning Analytics

What are the benefits of IBM Planning Analytics?

Below are some simple points highlighting the benefits IBM Planning Analytics can bring to the organisation.

  • Enables finance, operational and departmental business users to create timely, reliable, agile plans, budgets and forecasts in a customisable analytics Workspace.
  • Automated workflow for process visibility and streamlined planning participation.
  • Allows users to analyse data from multidimensional planning models in the familiar Microsoft Excel interface.
  • Supports fast, flexible, what-if scenario modelling.
  • Manages enterprise-scale data volumes in multidimensional planning cubes.
  • Leverages internal and external data, including data from enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems.
  • Performs complex cost allocations and profitability analysis, letting users drill down for a granular view of profitabilit, by product, customer, region, sales channel and more.
  • Facilitates best practices such as driver-based planning and rolling forecasts.
  • Creates compelling visualisations automatically, with a wide variety of charts, tables, maps, images and shapes – plus text and video – to choose from.
  • Incorporates scorecards and dashboards to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Enhances forecast accuracy with embedded predictive forecasting capabilities.
  • Provides a unified Web, Excel, and mobile experience for all user roles.
  • Supports natural language searching and multidimensional expressions-based (MDX) queries for fast, powerful analysis.
  • Provides role-based security to support multiple users and user types and ensure that users see only what they need to.
  • Facilitates deployment on cloud, on premises, on IBM Cloud Pak for Data or hybrid options.

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