IBM Recognised in the TrustRadius 2022 Top Rated Awards

High-quality customer experiences are a necessity in today’s world, both in business and consumer industries.

Authentic customer stories and reviews are now critical to any business’s marketing strategy because they help your company stand out to prospective buyers doing research.

In 2021, 87% of buyers wanted to self-serve part or all of the buying journey, a trend which has only increased in 2022. This includes peer advice via sites like TrustRadius, but also community forums, analyst perspectives and, most importantly, pricing information. These changes are largely driven by Millennials who now comprise over 60% of today’s software buyers.

Peer feedback via reviews offers relatable experiences, whether it’s a similar use case, role or industry. Awards and accolades compliment that relatability by identifying the distinct leaders in a category or market.

The TrustRadius Top Rated Awards, among others in the industry, use peer review feedback to showcase the best software offerings. Real customer experiences determine the winners — and that’s what buyers care about.

“Peer-to-peer feedback is how customers decide in 2022. It is an essential part of the customer journey. — Ari Sheinkin, Vice President, Performance Marketing & Analytics

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IBM’s top-rated products in the TrustRadius Top Rated Awards

There were 19 IBM products across 41 categories that qualified for the TrustRadius Top Rated Awards, which consist of three key criteria: recency, relevancy and rating.

Here are some quotes from our users that contributed to the award:

  • IBM FlashSystem: To manage the corporate workload, this software offers the best repository system and high performance. This device is dependable and stable, and it provides excellent system performance.
  • IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation: The IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation is a great tool to help you increase production by reducing repetitive work and improving operational efficiencies. It’s empowered with capabilities to design and run applications on any cloud platform.
  • Turbonomic: Turbonomic automates our tasks, which were time-consuming because we had to perform them manually. The support team is excellent, user-friendly and fully supportive.
  • IBM Security QRadar: A score of 10 for IBM Security QRadar because it ensures that our system is always protected, automatically detects threats and simplifies our work. It does not require being an expert, since it is an intuitive and fast system to use and obtain results.

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Progress in customer satisfaction can be attributed to IBM’s continued focus on our clients and the financial stability of our business. TrustRadius Top Rated Awards celebrate B2B technology organizations that have delivered excellent experiences and enabled customers to be successful using their product, and IBM is honored to win the distinction.

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