Understanding Real-Time Business Intelligence

Today’s business intelligence is mobile and agile. Here’s a look at basics of real-time business intelligence.

In today’s competitive business world, the company with the best intelligence techniques usually succeeds. Whether you’re an established company or a start-up, every company can adopt real-time business intelligence tools to make crucial decisions in a short period of time and access data in one place within fractions of seconds.

Business intelligence refers to the technology that collects, analyses and presents data. It includes a variety of applications used to analyse the business information and techniques for several activities in one central location. Real-time business intelligence tools produce analytics and gives exact information your business to make high-quality business decisions.

What does real-time business intelligence provide?

Real-time business intelligence software turns raw data to insights a business can use to access the right information in short period of time. Companies use real-time business intelligence tools to improve decisions and to find the new business opportunities. Business intelligence is also used to identify cost-cutting ideas, uncover business opportunities and react quickly in delivering data and give powerful insights.

Business intelligence platforms can help enterprises accomplish the following:

Provide the best decision support system for users.

Improve business plans and gives quick at-a-glance insight.

Offer data for use in reporting and analysis.

Discover new market opportunities, identify hidden behavioural trends.

Increase business performance and operational efficiency.

Self-service BI software.

Compared to traditional analytics BI techniques, self-service business intelligence provides features and techniques to analyse data quickly. The self-service search-driven analytics BI gives you access to direct information and more benefits for the end-user without relying on IT. That is, even nontechnical people can do more with their data without being dependent on others for the analysis.

These business intelligence solutions are usually created to be user-friendly and fast so that anyone with admin access can analyse data, make decisions, plan and forecast on their own. Most of the organisation uses BI software to uncover flawed business processes are in a much better position.

Big data and BI software

Big data is widely deployed in most of the organisation, but it remains difficult to analyse the huge amount of data in short period of time. Given this volume of data, one of the crucial component of business intelligence software is scalability, which is essential to the success of companies in a wide range of industries.

Business executives and managers can easily analyse huge amounts of data to make better decisions faster and can discover hidden parts of the business through data analysis dashboards. Real-time BI dashboard tools let you find, and analyse data before you invest money in new projects and opportunities.

Business Intelligence Analytics

Real-time business intelligence software provides within fractions of seconds data that can be analysed through performance review dashboards. This is designed to enhance business collaboration, recover from business problems by giving deeper insights of the business.

There are many types of business intelligence analytics software available today, which are mostly designed to empower nontechnical business users to manipulate and interact with data to satisfy their own information requirements. The business analytics dashboard gives deeper analytics to the users to interact with data to satisfy their own information requirements as soon as possible.

BI on handled devices

Nowadays, you can access most business intelligence applications from any mobile device, allowing you a view of business data in real-time or near real-time. As hand-held device such as smartphones and tablets continue to overtake the enterprise, real-time business intelligence analytics keeps everyone connected to the organisation and offers new ways to engage customers with short period of time.

Real-time business intelligence software lets you make decisions using key performance indicator dashboard tools. No more waiting to analyse business data – and the better.