Useful TM1 and Planning Analytics URLs

Here is a collection of useful TM1 and Planning Analytics URL’s. In this we have assumed that the physical TM1 server is called “tm1server”, the Cognos Application server is called “cognosappserver”, the Cognos Web (Gateway) server is called “cognoswebserver” the fully qualified domain extension is “.domain.local”

TM1 and Planning Analytics URL’s

Type URL
Operations Console https://tm1server.domain.local:9510/pmhub/pm/opsconsole/
TM1 Web https://tm1server.domain.local:9510/tm1web/
Planning Analytics Workspace https://pawserver/
Connection for Planning Analytics for Excel https://pawserver/ (yes, it is the same as PAW!)
Contributor Applications https://tm1server.domain.local/pmpsvc/applications.jsp
Performance Modeller https://tm1server.domain.local:9510/pmpsvc
PM Hub Admin (configure Ops Console etc) https://tm1server.domain.local :9510/pmhub/pm/admin
Server CAM URI
(Cognos BI Dispatcher)
Client CAM URI (Cognos Gateway) https://cognoswebserver.domain.local :80/ibmcognos/bi/v1/disp

Use of Fully Qualified Domain Names

These TM1 URL’s are all written with fully qualified domains. I know that you don’t necessarily have to use FQDN’s with TM1 or Planning Analytics, however in our experience everything seems to work better when you do!